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OTP Manipulation:

Hey there learners , so recently i found i got a invitation for a private program on Bugcrowd so after spending 30 mins of recon i found that i was able to redirect the OTP from victim number to the attacker so instead of going into theory lets just jump in :D

So here i used: my real number : *****6 fake number : 9876543210

so first i i requested otp on 9876543210

Intercepted the request in Burpsuite and changed the number to *****6 and forwarded the request

A pop showed that OTP was sent to +919876543210

A otp was received on my actual number *****6

After i have entered the above OTP and clicked verify code

I was able to verify the number which didn’t belong to me :D


so what exactly i did here was the OTP which was supposed to be sent on 9876543210 , instead it was sent on my *****6 , due to lack of validation as it was only validating on the client side

Bounty : $300

i hope you enjoyed it :D