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A Crazy Open Redirect

Hey there learners, today’s lets look into something which we should always look into it, “New Features” yeah you heard it right many application have many new features and stuffs which try make users work more easy ,So here what i did was, I found a short link feature which lead to “Open redirect” once the user logins, so not gonna go much in theory lets just jump in :D.

First on the bottom left i found this tiny little option

I clicked on it, it generated a short link for the report i quickly sent it to burpsuite for analyzing

and checked the response i found a small hash like thing and after looking back at the actual short link ive notice that can redirect to other sites

I quickly changed the url to in post request and got a another value

So i combined it with“evil hash from response” Ex:

I opened it in other browser i was taken to the login page :\

Once i logged in to my account BOOM!! I was redirected to